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January (un)told: Resolution Rethink
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January 21, 2018

January is the busiest month at any gym. In January cookies are abandoned along with bad habits, and bad TV. A new year invites in new routine and inspires resolutions… some resolutions sound better in our minds than they work out in real life. We’ve all set out to meet goals, only to realize the fault in our plans along the way. We are seeking your stories on the theme of “Resolution Rethink”. To sign up to tell your story, send your pitch to untold.ottawa@gmail.com. No story? No problem – just sit back and enjoy the sweet mix of spontaneity, humour, and occasional outrageousness that makes (un)told so special. Sunday, January 21, 7:30PM at the ByWard Market Heart & Crown Admission is FREE! (un)told is a monthly event featuring personal stories told live in a relaxed setting without notes, sets, or props. It’s the kind of night where everyone has something interesting to say. Contact us at: untold.ottawa@gmail.com|(613) 322-8336

More info: www.OttawaStoryTellers.ca

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