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IoT613 Conference 2018
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April 18 - 20, 2018

Discover advances in connected transportation and a new world of wearable technology. Interact with instructors and colleagues to hone your technical skills and grow your business. IoT613 Conference 2018 brings together industry, government, academia, and more to break down the walls and help usher in a more cohesive Internet of Things (IoT) ecosystem to ensure a smarter, safer, and more connected future. Join the Internet of Things revolution. April 18: Choose between full day technical workshops (technical or business) April 19: Full day of expert speakers on connected transportation systems including driverless cars, rail systems, and autonomous flying vehicles. Special panel discussion on the social aspects of IoT and evening networking event. Keynote speakers from Nokia and Transport Canada. April 20: Full day of expert speakers on wearable technology and augmented reality including presentations by Google and Shopify.

More info: https://iot613.ca/2018-conference

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