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Just Food Presents: The Urban Farmer
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June 24, 2018

Just Food Presents: The Urban Farmer, Curtis Stone! Curtis Stone is a successful small farmer who grows $100,000 of vegetable production on 5 urban lots totaling a quarter acre. Come to this training to learn about Curtis’s systems and get started on your own Urban Farm. At the full day training at Just Food Farm’s Big Red Barn you will learn about: Curtis's production system; the business of urban farming; site selection and building your farm; equipment and crop planning for small scale and much more. Session is $133.85 tax. Event is June 24 from 9:00am-3:00pm. Register at: justfood.nationbuilder.com/curtis. Event is at Just Food Farm, 2391 Pepin Court, Ottawa. For info call 613-824-7771 or visit justfood.ca.

More info: justfood.ca

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