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May 19 - 20, 2018

The Canada Agriculture and Food Museum presents the annual Sheep Shearing Festival. Visitors will be able to learn all about wool by participating in various activities and demonstrations. Visitors of all ages can attend sheep shearing, sheep herding and sheepdog agility demonstrations, as well as meet some alpacas. They can also learn about carding and knitting, all important steps in the transformation of a raw fleece into wool. They can also see a craftsman doing traditional finger-weaving or spin the quiz wheel and test their knowledge about fibers from various sources. Visitors can have a taste of goat milk ice cream and enjoy cooking demonstrations that feature sheep and goat cheese! Keep an eye out for Little Bo Peep, who still needs help finding her sheep! Join in on the fun!

More info: https://ingeniumcanada.org/agriculture/whats-on/event-sheep-shearing-festival.php

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