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Owl Mountain | Lithuania BNFF
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March 24, 2019

Owl Mountain is sweeping a historical drama set in the turbulent immediate post-WWII period in Lithuania. Radio Free Europe, BBC, and Voice of America only rarely get through the Soviet imposed Iron Curtain in Lithuania, a country now torn by a war between the local resistance movement and the occupying Soviet regime. Tedas is one of the local high-school students who witness the local armed resistance to the Soviet occupation and decides to join by taking up arms. Presented by the Canadian Film Institute as part of this year’s Bright Nights Film Festival. Screening starts at 6:30PM.

More info: https://www.cfi-icf.ca/new-events/2019/3/20/woman-at-war-iceland-bnff-lyphs-bwn6d-6n3t5-587df-xmsh8-cbep3-hbha6

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