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Rosa Chumbe | Peru LAFF
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April 28, 2019

Rosa Chumbe is a police officer with a drinking and gambling problem. On top of that, she has problems with her daughter Sheyla who lives at home with her young baby. Rosa has never believed in religion, but now finds herself needing a miracle to get by. Ticket Prices: GA- $14, CFI-OAG Member/Senior/Student/Child- $10 4 pm in the Ottawa Art Gallery.

More info: https://www.cfi-icf.ca/new-events/2019/3/15/the-second-mother-brazil-ry2fc-gt2f2-sjnjj-8fnbe-mh2zc-kzd7m-kzmm6-ke9m8-6b9bt-ymad7-a4pm2

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