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Food for Thought Lecture: The magic coffee cherry
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May 23, 2019

Everybody knows coffee, that dark brew in a cup. But there’s a growing interest in the usage of all the coffee by-products that typically make their way into waste water and rivers, or worse — just rot. Increasingly, scientists are discovering highly-valuable ingredients like antioxidants, dietary fibre, and pectin in these coffee by-products. In fact, the first consumable products have already hit the market: Cascara (dried coffee pulp, steeped like a tea or used as a base for soda), coffee honey (from mucilage), and coffee flour (from the dried pulp). And that’s just the beginning; in a couple of years you might be surprised at the places you’ll find coffee by-products…coffee’s reach is expanding beyond your morning cup of Joe! Visit the Canada Agriculture and Food Museum's website for more details!

More info: https://ingeniumcanada.org/events/food-for-thought-lecture-the-magic-coffee-cherry

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