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Café Ex: 25 Years of Philip Hoffman's "Film Farm"
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August 15, 2019

Club SAW 67 Nicholas Street The "film farm" is artist-driven and focuses on the development of individual artists and the production of experimental film works. For 25 years the Film Farm has initiated and enhanced the work of local, national and international filmmakers and has expanded the traditions of experimental filmmaking in Canada. We are thrilled to welcome back to the CFI Canadian experimental filmmaker and Governor General Award winner, Philip Hoffman , at a Café Ex event featuring a retrospective program of experimental works produced by the filmmakers at Hoffman 's Film Farm moviemaking retreat at Mount Forest, Ontario. Celebrating 25 Years of Existence, The Film Farm anthology will be an eclectic mix of 16mm and digital works, presented in the newly renovated SAW Club. We are thrilled to inaugurate this newly refreshed screening space with The Film Farm show. Philip Hoffman and a number of other filmmakers will attend the screening. Admission is pay-as-you-can.

More info: https://www.facebook.com/events/417172355562014/

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