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Hands: Medium & Massage -- Art Exhibition
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January 10 - February 12, 2020

Click, hold, press, push, swipe, tap, touch. Hands have become the medium that mediates and “massages” our ways of sensing, feeling, thinking, seeing, and being in the world. In and of our hands, analogue and digital techniques compute the real and the symbolic; they construct, reconstruct, imagine, and reimagine our many social worlds. Using hands as a focal point, “Hands: Medium & Massage” is an art exhibition that attempts to visualize, conceive, encode, and recode our ambiguous and complex relationship with the immaterial and material world, everyday techno-social lives, and the hyper-mediated environment we inhabit. Artworks in this series endeavour to create a moment and space for re-thinking the existence and roles of “hands” as “medium & massage”. The exhibition is held at ATRIUM ART GALLERY (free admission), at Ben Franklin Place, 101 Centrepointe Dr, Nepean, ON K2G 5K7.

More info: www.handsbook.ca

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