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The Guerrilla Gourmet
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December 05 - 31, 2012

I知 James Rubec and I want to cook for you in your home. Are you tired and want to take a night off? Do you want to try something new and fun? Well boy do I have a proposition for you. I want to prepare a meal for you and yours, in your kitchen, on your BBQ or anywhere else you prefer. I知 a very versatile cook and I clean while I work. I値l bring only a cutting board, my favourite cooking knife, a couple kitchen towels and my friendly demeanor. There are two ways we can do this. One you tell me what you壇 like prepared before hand or I show up and we wing it. In either case you値l provide the ingredients and the cookware. The Guerrilla Gourmet will be an ongoing series I plan to write for my blog pbjmag.ca. On this blog I値l post pictures of the meal and write a piece about the evening and publish the recipe I develop in your house. If this interests you send me an email JamesRubec@pbjmag.ca or read more at http://www.pbjmag.ca/about/guerrilla-gourmet/ James Rubec http://pbjmag.ca

More info: http://www.pbjmag.ca/about/guerrilla-gourmet/

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