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Shamanic Earth Yoga at PranaShanti Yoga Centre
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January 13, 2013

In 2013, we are truly entering into a new world, because for the first time in years the world will be FREE OF ITS OWN SELF-CREATED FEAR. As we leave behind created fears we'll be left with a space; a potential to truly plant conscious seeds for lasting positive change in our lives. There is great power in ritual, and for millenia people have come together at auspicious times to let go of the old, give thanks, usher in the new, and lay the foundation for a new way of being.

Our rituals will include: Traditional sharing circle (sharing optional); Traditional Purna (Full) Yoga practice; Restorative Earth Heart Shamanic Oneness Meditation; Closing with a heart expanding Kirtan.

This will be a once in a lifetime transformative experience, at such an auspicious time - January 13, 2013, with the intention to let go all past negativities, release all fears and self doubts, have profound realizations, and make meaningful shifts for the future. Cost: $45.00 per person.

More info: www.pranashanti.com

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