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TaiChi / Qigong with International Qigong Master DAISY LEE
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January 19 - 20, 2013

A rare and wonderful opportunity to learn and practice Qigong with Daisy Lee, who will be in Ottawa conducting workshops on January 19-20, 2013 as part of her world teaching tour. Daisy Lee is the US board member for the International Qigong Science Association in Beijing and brings groups of students to study Qigong in China and Thailand every year. She is a Level III Advanced Qigong Instructor and Clinical Qigong Therapist certified by the National Qigong Association of America. Four highly informative and fantastic workshops to choose from: January 19, 9-12 noon: Qigong Nutrition for Optimum Health January 19, 1-4 pm: Qigong for Detoxification January 20, 9-12 noon: Build Resilience in a Chaotic World - Wuji Hundun Qigong January 20, 1-4 pm: Qigong for Emergency Stress Relief For workshop descriptions and more details visit: http://www.breathechi.com./Posters/201301_Daisy.html Space is limited and pre-registration is required.

More info: http://www.breathechi.com./Posters/201301_Daisy.html

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