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Yoga of the Heart® at PranaShanti
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February 09, 2013

Meet PranaShanti’s resident Yoga of the Heart® expert! If you, or someone you know, have high blood pressure, a family history of heart disease, or are living with and recovering from heart disease, Yoga of the Heart® can help to rebuild your confidence, maintain a positive attitude and increase your feelings of well-being. This gentle yoga-based activity helps to improve heart and lung functioning as well as overall strength, flexibility and health. Yoga of the Heart® is based upon the findings of Dr. Dean Ornish’s Lifestyle Heart Trial. The session will include a half hour discussion and explanation of the Yoga of the Heart® program followed by a one hour practical approach to reducing stress and discomfort, using gentle yoga stretches, breathing exercises and deep relaxation.

The session is for the heart patient as well as for friends and family who want to better understand and participate in the rehabilitation process from heart disease to health.

More info: www.pranashanti.com

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