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Valentine's Yoga and Chocolate at PranaShanti Yoga Centre
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February 15, 2013

Valentine's Yoga and Chocolate: A perfect way to celebrate with your partner. Forget about dinner reservations or line-ups for flowers; let that special someone know you really want to be with them. Partner yoga is a great idea for a date, reconnecting with your spouse or having fun with a loved one!

Yoga literally means "union" or "to unite", what better way to experience that union that with Partner Yoga and Chocolate? We will enjoy traditional postures adapted for two people in close contact, play with the breath, and even a try out a few massage techniques! The atmosphere is relaxed, and the class is open to people of all abilities. Your partner can be a spouse, friend or family member.

Differences in flexibility and strength are not a problem. Partner Yoga is a great way to introduce a partner or friend to the pleasures and benefits of Yoga. Cost: $22.00 per person. A satchel with organic chocolate and a special love note will be given to all who attend. A gift from our heart to yours.

More info: www.pranashanti.com

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